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Flat Rate Computer Repair Services & Price List

To better serve our customers, The Gadget Doctor offers flat fee computer repair service rates. You can choose from any of our most commonly performed services and pay a flat rate instead of an hourly charge. Our Flat Fee Service includes all labor and transportation charges, the only additional charge is for supplies or equipment if needed.

Complete Tune-Up - Is your computer running too slow? This is our most popular service by far. Our Technicians can help. We will go through your computer and remove any traces of spyware, adware, and Viruses. When we are done your computer will start faster, run smoother, and pop-ups will be gone. This Service is a great value and is recommended on a regular basis for optimal performance of your machine.

In-Shop Flat Rate $49.99 - Onsite Flat Rate $79.99

Windows Reinstalls - Sometimes a tune-up just isn't enough. Was your computer working fine when you first got it, but now it just isn't the same? We can restore your computer back to new with our refurbish program. We will erase the Entire hard drive and start over. Re-installing everything you need and nothing you don't. We will even evaluate whether there are any easy and affordable upgrades that can be done to make it run even better than new. This also includes a PC cleaning and full needs assessment/hardware review.

Without any data backup - In-Shop Flat Rate $49.99 - Onsite Flat Rate Service not available

With data backup and transfer - In-Shop Flat Rate $79.99 - Onsite Flat Rate Service not available

Software Install - Whether you use Word Perfect or MS Word, QuickBooks or Quicken, Outlook or Eudora, we can help you install all of your software and configure it just the way you like it.

In-Shop Flat Rate $49.99 - Onsite Flat Rate $79.99

Hardware Installations & Upgrades - Many computers can be upgraded to improve performance. We can add more memory, hard disks and even change the processor. We are very experienced in upgrading PC and adding peripherals. Whatever the hardware problem you may be experiencing with your desktop or laptop computer, we will diagnose the issue for free and will give you an estimate to replace the part before proceeding.

In-Shop Flat Rate $49.99 - Onsite Flat Rate $79.99

PC Cleaning - Computers that are not cleaned at least every 6 months can become very dirty. The dust that builds up inside the computer can actually cause it to overheat, malfunction and break. We will take apart your computer and clean it professionally to help ensure that does not happen to you.

In-Shop Flat Rate $29.99 - Onsite Flat Rate $59.99

Data Transfer - Back-Up Service - Have a new PC but your important data is still on your old one? To most of our clients, nothing is more important than their data. No one wants to turn on their computer one day and realize all of their documents and pictures are lost forever. If you need help moving Files from one computer to another, or if you don't regularly backup your files, this service is perfect for you.

Level 1 - up 100GB Data

In-Shop Flat Rate $49.99 - Onsite Flat Rate Service not available

Level 2 - up 150GB Data

In-Shop Flat Rate $79.99 - Onsite Flat Rate Service not available

• Level 3 – unlimited Data

In-Shop Flat Rate $129.99 - Onsite Flat Rate Service not available

CD/DVD Backup – Have all of your important data safely backed up on a CD or DVD for you.

In-Shop Flat Rate $30 first CD/DVD $10 each additional - Onsite Flat Rate Service not available

Data Recovery - Using state-of-the-art programs and hardware, we have an extremely high success rate of recovering data from hard disk drives that are not physically damaged.

In-Shop Flat Rate Call for Quote - Onsite Flat Rate Service not available

Email Troubleshooting - We can quickly fix most e-mail problems on all messaging systems such as Outlook Express, Outlook & Netscape. Most email problems can be fixed quickly!

In-Shop Flat Rate $49.99 - Onsite Flat Rate $79.99

Password Reset/Recovery - Lost or forgot your password? Need access to the files protected by your former employee who left the company? Don't worry; we can help you find password recovery solutions that work!

In-Shop Flat Rate $49.99 - Onsite Flat Rate $79.99

Wireless Network Setup - A wireless network allows you to share your high-speed internet connection with every PC in your home or office. This means you can browse the web from your laptop in the backyard, print from your couch and email from your bed. Flat fee is for up to two computers and does not include equipment.

In-Shop Flat Rate Service not available - Onsite Flat Rate $79.99

Additional computers can be setup for $24.99 per machine.

Set-up a New Computer System - Just leave it in the boxes and call us. We will completely setup your new computer including your printers, scanners, cameras, etc.

In-Shop Flat Rate $49.99 - Onsite Flat Rate $79.99

Network Services

We provide residential and small business computer networking, consulting and installation services.

Call for Quote

If you don't see a service that is an exact fit to your computer repair needs, we will work with you to address your particular situation. We're confident that we can still maintain our low flat rate policy for all your general repair needs.




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